Feb 27

Purcell Systems International AB merger into EnerSys sp. Z.o.o

Styrelsen i Purcell Systems International AB ("Bolaget") tillhandahåller härmed enligt 23 kap. 43 § aktiebolagslagen (2005:551) fusionshandlingar för fusion mellan Bolaget som överlåtande bolag och EnerSys sp. z.o.o. som övertagande bolag enligt fusionsplan daterad 24 februari 2023.


The Board of Directors of Purcell Systems International AB (the "Company") hereby publishes, in accordance with chapter 23 section 43 of the Swedish companies act (2005:551), merger documents for the merger between the Company as transferor and EnerSys sp. z.o.o. as transferee in accordance with the merger plan dated 24 February 2023.


Merger Plan with Schedules

BoD Report

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