StreetFlex® Slim DSLAM VDSL Enclosure

The StreetFlex® enclosure is the optimal solution for deployment of VDSL equipment, power and batteries; leaves a small footprint, and will withstand harsh weather conditions.

Purcell Systems StreetFlex Slim DSLAM VDSL Enclosure- Model: STFX

Model: STFX-3011
Dimension: 30.3"W x 11.3"D x 55.1"H

StreetFlex Slim DSLAM VDSL Enclosure

The StreetFlex DSLAM/VDSL enclosure, serves as a durable and environmentally controlled cabinet for fast outdoor deployment in a digital subscriber network. The cabinet is used in a densely populated network with the possibility for future extension; side and back panels, roof and door are easily exchangeable.

Energy-efficient thermal management solution includes a cabinet wall-integrated heat exchanger with extremely low power consumption.

StreetFlex Slim DSLAM VDSL Features

  • Slim design for sidewalk deployments; small footprint
  • Easily exchangeable parts for future expansion needs
  • Power agnostic - supports multiple power system manufacturers
  • 1 year warranty
  • Meets standards:
  • IP-55

StreetFlex Slim DSLAM VDSL Options

  • DC power system options
  • Custom mounting options
  • Alarms: high temp, fan failure, temp sensor failure, low voltage disconnect