Purcell Systems provides backhaul and infrastructure for Public Safety and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems

Public Safety and Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Purcell Systems outdoor rack enclosures support interoperability and other communication requirements through line mobile/microwave/mesh and public safety radio networks, and offer higher reliability through optimized thermal management. Purcell Systems’ enclosures are modular: pre-engineered components can be configured to exactly match desired equipment mounting space and allow for pay as you grow technology-- add additional modules for capacity expansion as needed. Purcell Systems’ outdoor enclosures offer a more compact footprint than traditional prefabricated buildings and shelters, allowing easier and faster deployment of public safety radio networks.

Product Families


Outdoor Enclosures


Battery Enclosures


Outdoor Enclosures


Thermal Systems


Digital Subscriber Enclosure


Land Mobile Radio Enclosure Applications

  • 3G/4G network deployments
  • AC/DC power management
  • Auxiliary battery support
  • Backhaul (wireless backhaul, copper backhaul, fiber backhaul)
  • Base Transceiver Station (BTS)
  • Copper and fiber management
  • Cross-connect and line protection
  • Demarcation and distribution
  • E-911 Location Measurement Unit (LMU)
  • Fixed wireless/microwave
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE)
  • PCS/Cellular site technology evolution enclosure platforms (i.e., GSM, UMTS)
  • Power Amplifiers (SCPA/MCPA)
  • Power termination and splice provisions
  • Surge suppression
  • Temporary Mobile Deployments