SiteFlex® SFX18 Power and Battery Cabinet

The SiteFlex® Power and Battery Cabinet serves as a durable and environmentally controlled cabinet for power equipment and batteries.

Purcell Systems SiteFlex 18RU Power and Battery Cabinet- Model: SFX18

Model: SFX18-3332
Dimension: 32.7"W x 31.7"D x 98.4"H

SiteFlex SFX18 Power and Battery Cabinet Description

The SiteFlex Power and Battery Cabinet is divided into top compartment for power equipment and a lower compartment for batteries with separate access doors for each compartment. The Power and Battery cabinet is the optimal solution for your deployment of power equipment and batteries, leaves a small footprint, and will withstand harsh weather conditions. Segregated power and battery compartments utilize separate energy-efficient thermal management systems resulting in the highest reliability and lowest Total Cost of Ownership, including low maintenance and energy costs.

SiteFlex SFX18 Power & Battery Features

  • 32.7"W x 31.7"D x 98.4"H
  • 18 Rack Units; 19" or 23" rails
  • Optimized Climate Systems for each compartment promotes energy efficiency and savings
  • House up to three strings of batteries for maximum back-up capacity
  • 1 year warranty
  • Meets standards:
  • IP-55

SiteFlex SFX18 Power & Battery Options

  • Flexible options for cable ingress, egress, and management
  • DC power system options
  • Thermal Options:
  • Direct air cooling
  • Air conditioner
  • Emergency Ventilation System